Supra Exchange Oct. 25-26

The Supra exchange will take place on October 25th and 26th. This will be the only way to upgrade your boxes and keys. WE WILL NOT SUPPORT ACTIVE KEYS AND IBOXES AFTER THESE DATES. The box exchange is one for one so it will be easy to do. We have included a schedule which divides our members by last names and assigns them to time slots. If you need to trade with another agent, that is fine. You do not need to let us know. The Active Key will be replaced by the Xpress Key. They are very similar but include upgraded cell tower communication which will drastically reduce outages that our members are currently facing with the Active Key. You may have another agent bring in your boxes but please fill out the authorization form. WE WILL NOT CHANGE ASSIGNED NAMES ON LOCKBOXES. Please see the attached documents for more information.

More information including costs and schedule

Authorization Form